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The methods Mr. E's uses:
Mark O'Connor Violin Method;

Complete Musician Violin Series (Kodály based);

Adventures in Violinland Series ;

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Page 1: Violin Strings:

There are how many strings on your violin?

The lowest is the (A D E or G) string?

Page 2: LH+; RH+; Arco:

First clap and say the rhythms on this page THEN play first Right Hand Pizzicato (RH+) on each string.

NEXT use Left Hand Pizzicato. When you learn how to use the bow, play the rhythm on the open strings again, this time ARCO (meaning with the bow!).

Make it sound like REAL music by playing along with these sound files. Be sure to keep a steady beat!:


Page 3: LH+

See how to use left hand pizzicato HERE. Practice on each string using the numbers to represent which of your 4 fingers plucks an open string. Practice using the sound files above.

Page 4 and 5: Mary Had & Skip to My Lou

Learn to sing the songs HERE

Play first RH+(right hand Pizzicato), then LH+; then ARCO, when you are comfortable with the bow. Play along with "Mary" here:

Now try Skip to My Lou:
When you have learned these songs well, try singing along with your own playing!



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