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Find BArtok #14 at te bottom of THIS PAGE.

Watermelon Man

Slower accompaniment of The World Turned Upside Down:

Bonaparte's Retreat w/ Mr. E:

In My Grandmother's Garden - NEW accompaniment in G


Here is the Daphne Page! Be sure to Watch the video!

Here are 3 Holiday songs to Play Along with:

Jingle Bells with the melody :

Jingle Bells with just accompaniment:

Little Drummer Boy (click link to play this tune) and Joy to the World in D and G!:

Download the music for Joy to the World here; and Little Drummer Boy here.

Here is the Appalachia Waltz page with accompaniments

Bartok "Maypole" accompaniment:

Here is a commercial recording of the Bartok duo "Maypole Dance"

Haydn Canon - after the first two notes - enter and play along. Two more parts will enter after you come in. Try not to get mixed up!

Listen for the first violin to end and then you end 2 notes later (Play it 4 times through). Good Luck!:

Bonaparte's Retreat - first Mr. plays the accompaniment - then Mitchell and Mr. E together:.

Bonaparte's retreat - Mr. E plays the accompaniment only:

Bonaparte's Retreat - Mitchell AND Mr. E together only:

Play Along with your HOLIDAY SONGS HERE!

FIRST learn to sing ALL these Songs

Play the GAMES - Identify and pluck the strings

LH+ exercise on page 3: Watch the video!

play along with Mary Had a Little Lamb

Play along with Skip to my Lou

And NOW Paw Paw Patch!

Open string exercises Play-Along G and D:

Play-Along A and E: