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Kit Eakle violin teacher

Kit Eakle has been teaching violin for over 30 years as a private instructor. He is trained in the Kodály method of music teaching, and has taught classroom music to 1000's of kids in public schools in Canada and the US. He earned his teaching credential at the University of British Columbia, and he is also a certified teacher in the state of California. He has a Master's in Music Education from the University of Victoria in British Columbia in 1990.

He uses a unique ear-training method adapting the Kodály method to the violin in his teaching, and Mr. Eakle has recently completed certification in the "O'Connor Violin Method", an innovative new approach to teaching violin using the various American fiddle repertoire and style developed by the great American Fiddler/violinist and composer, Mark O'Connor.

Mr. Eakle has performed and continues to perform on the violin and electric violin with many ensembles in a wide range of styles, from classical to country torock and jazz. He currently performs regularly with The Hot Club of Marin, Django Obscura, Michael Van and the Movers, and his own Classical Jazz.

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Kit Eakle is
A certified Mark O'Connor Violin Method teacher
a teacher with 30 years of elementary classroom music experience
A certified Kodály Method music teacher

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